Retter Watches
May 2023

Retter Watches: Mistral Launch Campaign

Discover how Evolare Digital helped Retter Watches successfully launch its second timepiece, the Retter Mistral. Learn about our strategic approach to drive awareness, build hype, and drive subscriptions, and sales.


Full-funnel Strategy & Campaign


Meta: Facebook & Instagram

Result 1
Engagement rate
Result 2
-67% lower
CPL than the industry average
Retter Watches: Mistral Launch Campaign

Project Overview

Retter Watches was founded as a passion project in 2020 to make Swiss-made watches as accessible as possible without cutting corners or compromising on quality. Their first timepiece, Retter 22 which is inspired by Jorg Hysek’s Vacheron 222, was released in August 2022 and was well received by the luxury watch community and new customers alike.

Fast forward to early 2024, Retter Watches was getting ready to launch its second watch, the Retter Mistral.  A timepiece that seamlessly blends vintage inspiration with modern innovation.  They approached Evolare Digital with a clear goal, to raise their brand profile and drive sales for their second release.


Our team crafted a three-phase strategy to drive pre-order subscriptions utilising a full-funnel Meta (Facebook and Instagram) campaign.  The object here was to build hype, and increase interest, engagement and purchase intent, resulting in a subscription to Retter’s exclusive pre-order mailing list.

The final phase of the campaign was to launch an email campaign to Mistral pre-order subscribers with 24-hour early access to drive sales. 

This approach is designed to maximise the campaign budget while meeting awareness, engagement and sales objectives across throughout the customer journey.


We are delighted with the results so far and look forward to sharing the final results when the campaign ends on the 18th of June 2024.

Results from the first 6 weeks...

  •  -67% lower CPL than the industry average & $0.02 cost per Thruplay
  • 23.5% campaign engagement rate
  • 180% increase in web traffic / 160% increase in new users

Retter Watches: Mistral Launch Campaign
Retter Watches: Mistral Launch Campaign

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“Working with Lynn has been a pleasure. Her work and applications of creative integrations and strategies have translated to improved revenues from day 1, and her communication throughout the process has been incredible. We're excited to continue working with her for years to come.”

Deep Ghosh, Founder | Retter Watches

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